School Library Santa

After hearing about teachers and librarians funding their libraries with their own money, we decided that we wanted to do something to help; making sure that every child has access to books. Inspired by the upcoming festive season and the many bookish Secret Santa’s going on which demonstrates the generosity of the book community, we have created a platform to connect libraries with potential Santas.

Every library which signs up for the scheme will get an individual dedicated page which will list their wishlists. The Santas can then browse libraries by geographic location or by specific titles. Once a Santa has selected a library, they can comment on the post with which book they would like to provide. We will then contact the Santa and provide them with the library’s mailing address. Once a book has been pledged to the library, it will be removed from their wishlist to avoid duplicate copies being sent unnecessarily. If you find you are unable to gift the book you have pledged, please contact us so that we can amend the wishlist accordingly.

Books do not need to be new copies. However we would prefer good quality second hand books from smoke free environments. Please do not send any proof copies.


How do I sign up my library?
To sign up, all you need to do is head over to the Libraries page and fill out the sign up form.

Why do you ask libraries to provide two e-mail addresses?
You do not necessarily have to provide two e-mail addresses as your preferred contact address can be the same. However, we do require one verifiable e-mail address associated with your library. (For example, a school or hospital email.)

Who will see the mailing address I provide on the sign up form?
The only people who will see your mailing address are people who have agreed to be a Santa for your library. Once the Santa Project is finished, we will delete all personal data that we have.

What if I want to sign up my library but I don’t have a verifiable address?
In this instance, please contact us and we will advise accordingly.

What if I want to amend my wishlist?
If you wish to change your wishlist at any time, please contact us. Please bear in mind that if the scheme is very successful, it may take us a short while to change your page but we will update it as soon as we can. We will also be unable to stop any books from being sent after they have been pledged.

What do I have to do in return for books?
Absolutely nothing! Just continue sharing the love of books. However, we would love to feature your photos of the books you receive on the blog so if you would be happy to send us photos then please do! (schoollibrarysanta@gmail.com)
You are also more than welcome to spread the love of this scheme on your social media channels. You may find that you may have some Santa’s hiding on your timelines. #SchoolLibrarySanta

How do I gift a book?
To gift a book, simply search for a recipient A-Z via location or by requested book. Once you have selected a library you want to support, simply comment on the page with the book you wish to pledge. We will then be in touch with the mailing address of your selected library.

What if I want to support more than one library or send more than one book?
You are very welcome to support as many libraries and send as many books as you would like.

What if I am unable to send my pledged book?
We politely request that you only pledge to support a library if you know that you will be able to send the book(s). However if you find that your circumstances have changed or the book you have pledged is unavailable, please contact us immediately.

What books can I send?
Please only send the titles that have been requested by the library. If you have a specific title in mind, please search our A-Z Books page to find if any library would like it. Books do not need to be new copies. However we would prefer good quality second hand books from smoke free environments. Please do not send any proof copies.

Will I get anything back?
Just a warm fuzzy feeling that you’ve done something good and helped books reach a wider audience. Please do feel free to pop back and check out our blog to see if your library has posted a photo of your generous donation.

Can I do anything else to help?
Help us spread the word! Tweet, Facebook, Instagram… anywhere you can think of! We’re looking for Santa’s and Libraries so every word will count!